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Bhartiya Teachers Training College,Chandpura, Sikar

Teaching is not merely imparting knowledge to students not it merely giving advice. Teaching is a passion. It is a service to the society, which requires not only teacher’s knowledge in the subject but also specialized skills which must be acquired updated continuously. The best approach to understand the nature of teaching is establishing harmonious relationship between teacher, student subject. In this context, Bhartiya Teachers Training College is adopting the new technology philosophy in the age of industrialization for the sake of well being of the society humanity. In the present day scenario students need an assurance confidence that the teacher has the ability to provide education show the pathway consistently leading to the defined goal of life.

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Our Facilities


Laboratory experiences are essential for students in many science courses.

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Computer Labs

The College has a spacious Computer Lab to develop the computer skills of.

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Comman Hall

Seminar Hall has a well-furnished and excellently designed with a ....

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A Library is the heart, mind and soul of an educational institution

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Play Ground

For all-round development of the students various indoor (Carom,

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When students live far away from family they need an atmosphere

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